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Editorial: Decisions, decisions

In a world full of contradicting ideas, it is hard to clearly identify what you believe in and what is best for yourself. Whether it be personal ideas or the style to try and keep up with, as it is difficult to always differ if you’re aiming to please yourself or others. I find I’m constantly going through my own […]

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Questions and Answers with presidential candidate Kanwar Brar

Questions and Answers with presidential candidate Kanwar Brar

The thought of running for Students’ Union President came up in first year, actually, when I was a part of a campaign team. In the past four years…

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WLU Student Elections: Candidate Platform Summaries

Candidate Platform SummariesWilfrid Laurier Students’ Union 2017 Elections Presidential Candidates Kanwar Brar – Waterloo I am a 4th year Political Science student pursuing the position of President & CEO because I believe in enhancing the student experience at Laurier. My initiatives are focused around five pillars of: Student Experience, Advocacy, Communication, Transparency and Representation. If elected, I’d like to focus […]

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Rebellious politicians consuming media

How did we get to Donald Trump? That seems to be the question so many of us have been asking ourselves over the past 10 months. Even that seems odd to say. Donald Trump announced his bid for presidency in June of last year and a month in he was already a clear front runner in the polls. Every newscaster […]

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