What you need to know for upcoming Waterloo municipal elections

Graphic by Madalyn Mostacci
Photo credits: CTV News, shannonweber.ca mccabe4mayor.ca, kyppsaunders.nationbuilder.com, robevansmayor.ca.

On Monday, Oct. 24, municipal elections will take place across Ontario. Each region will vote for mayor, councillors and school board trustees.  

All Laurier students are able to vote in Waterloo’s municipal election.  

According to the Provincial Municipal Elections Act of 1996, students are permitted to vote in both the municipalities of their post-secondary institution and their place of residence outside of school.  

On election day, a voting location will be set up in the concourse.  

A valid piece of government-issued identification is required in order to cast a ballot. A Laurier OneCard will not be accepted.  

Laurier student voters can expect to find categories for mayor, ward seven councillor, regional chair, regional councillor and school board trustees on their ballots.  

Names, contact information and each candidate’s filing date can be found on the City of Waterloo’s website.   

With Waterloo’s current mayor, David Jaworsky, not running for the position, the city will see a fresh face in office. Ward seven will also see a new prospect this year as Tenille Bonoguore is not running.  

There are four candidates for mayor and two candidates for ward seven councillor.  

The first candidate to file for the mayoral race was Shannon Weber, doing so on May 2, of this year. 

Weber is a University of Waterloo and Laurier alumni, having obtained an undergrad in economics and an MBA from each school respectively. She is currently a faculty member at Conestoga College in the Strategic Global Business Management Graduate Program.  

In an interview with CTV News Kitchener, Weber outlined that affordable housing is the biggest issue facing Waterloo currently. Her plans to combat this issue and other matters concerning Waterloo can be found on Weber’s campaign website..  

Second to declare intent for mayor was candidate Dorothy McCabe, on Aug. 15, 2022.  

Also a Laurier alumnus, McCabe has a degree in communications and history as well as a master’s degree in public administration. According to McCabe’s website, she has experience working with members of Parliament, corporate leaders and city councils.  

McCabe said that “building a variety of housing,” is the biggest issue facing Waterloo, in an interview with CTV News Kitchener.  

Kypp Saunders joined the mayoral race on Aug.16, 2022. 

Saunders is a University of Waterloo alumni, having graduated with a degree in political science. Saunders has been a part of the Waterloo community for many years as a small business owner.  

The affordable housing crisis is the biggest issue facing Waterloo, Saunders said in an interview with CTV News Kitchener. Further information can be found on the candidate’s campaign website.  

On Aug. 19, 2022, Rob Evans declared his run for mayor of Waterloo.  

Another Laurier alumni, Evans graduated with a political science degree. Evans has a business background, being described as a “…long-time business and community builder,” on his campaign website.  

Evans outlined that housing and equity are the most pressing issues Waterloo is facing in an interview with CTV News Kitchener.  

Julie Wright and Bruce Poland are the candidates for ward seven councillor.  

Wright, having filed first for the position, is a long-time resident of Waterloo and ward seven. She is the Director of Partners for Action at the University of Waterloo. More information can be found on Wright’s campaign website  

Polan is an Engineer with a specialty in infrastructure projects. Also a resident of Ward seven, having lived in this community for ten years. Further information can be found on Poland’s website  

Voting booths will be open between 10:00am and 8:00pm.  

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