Editorial: The hype for TikTok is real

In the span of the past few months, TikTok has taken off. The most popular videos have surfaced on other platforms via Instagram and Twitter which helped market the app.

Although, at first glance, it was quite easy to roast the app by what kind of viral dances and the types of teens who were becoming famous.

Eventually, many of us came to admit joining the app and even creating the entertaining TikToks ourselves.

Posting with certain hashtags and at the right moment may result in your video getting hundreds of views.

This is exactly how many teens who have TikTok and have gotten popular, who have millions of likes, are then considered “TikTok Famous.”

A group of these famous teens on the site have created a ‘Hype House’ for a space to create videos.

The demographics of people on TikTok range immensely. There are personal trainers sharing facts about how to eat healthy, celebrities being goofy on sets of TV shows, and even those who share secrets about the businesses they work at.

Unlike other social media apps, this one seems to be a lot more interactive.

There are functions to mirror other videos along with live streaming and shared hashtags.

The most popular videos have surfaced and been shared through other platforms via Instagram and Twitter. In terms of competition, these social media apps all range with the types of specific content spread.

In the past, TikTok had issues with security.

It was very easy for hackers to take control of other accounts, especially the camera.

This didn’t scare users away, though, as it is a running joke for society nowadays that our phones are already watching and tracking us constantly.

Like other apps, there is major censorship with what can go on that could upset current political figures and countries of what could be shared to millions of users.

Tiktok is also strict about what content can be published, like Instagram, but with even more strict guidelines for people to follow.

Yet there are ‘challenges’ that have led parents and news outlets to be cautious and nervous. As a recent challenge, called the #pennychallenge, by putting a fork and a coin in an electric plug to see how quickly a fire could erupt.

My favourite challenge is the weighted blanket challenge, in which participants throw a heavy weighted blanket on top of themselves and struggle to stand up.

Most of the users of the app have generated posts based on the previous post you like, similar to Instagram and other social media apps, which is helpful in limiting what should and should not be viewed.

So, if you are trying to get a new perspective on social media, then TikTok is your newest download. Just don’t be shocked when you end up spending hours on the app.

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