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Stark and Perri rebranding to ‘The Prohibition Warehouse’ under new ownership

Uptown Waterloo’s beloved restaurant and bar, Stark and Perri, is getting rebranded. Now under new ownership, the restaurant closed down on Oct. 7 and renovations have been underway since. “We took it over about a month ago and we’re refurbishing and we’re looking at going in a different direction with the food,” said Wayne Montgomery, builder and designer. “We’ve done […]

by Alyssa Di Sabatino· · Arts and Life ·
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The customer isn’t always right

The customer is not always right. Even in our capitalistic world, I’m not sure which societies truly believe the customer is always right, let alone established businesses adhering by the phrase “the customer is always right.” Sure, in some cases the customer is right. However, in my personal experience within the food service industry, the customer is usually wrong. The […]

by Paige Bush· · Opinion ·