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Graphic by Simran Dhaliwal

Breaking out of the imposter syndrome mentality

Impostor syndrome, for those of you who are blissfully unaware of it, is quite literal to the term. It means that you feel like you’re going to be exposed as a fraud, a phony or a fake in a job, at school or in a variety of things that are typically meant to be positive endeavours. I’ve battled with this […]

by Emily Waitson· · Opinion ·
Photo by Victoria Panacci

Laurier’s Intramural program among the elite in the OUA

Intramurals play a huge role in shaping the student body at Laurier. They give students who aren’t part of varsity sports a chance to get involved in athletics. The variety of sports offered gives everybody a chance to choose whichever sport pleases them. The inclusivity is what makes intramurals so special and at Laurier, the program is arguably more expansive […]

by Pranav Desai· · More Sports, Sports ·