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How students deal with burnout

I, among probably many other students at this time of year, am completely burned out, to the point where I cannot even fathom being fully on top of things and able to move through life as a functional human being who is not constantly having an existential crisis or stress-induced migraines. People told me that third year was going to […]

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A case for natural deodorant

Deodorant is one of those products that everyone — or almost everyone — uses. It’s such an automatic part of our routines that it hardly crosses our minds most of the time — that is, until you forget to put it on and realize you stink like body odor halfway through the day. And while most people reach for their […]

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Editor’s Note: New year, same me

Editor’s Note: New year, same me

With each passing year, I’ve always set impossible standards and “resolutions” for myself to meet in order to improve myself. Inevitably, these resolutions have been too broad and grand so that I can never accomplish them for more than a month or a few weeks at a time. I’ve typically seen this as a failure, and I give up entirely […]

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Editorial: Discovering what really helps you

I’m going to start this off by saying that my story is not your story. Every person deals with things differently and I am in no way saying that what I am doing to help my own mental health will help yours, but it might. Hi, my name is Jade, and I struggle with generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and […]

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Downtime leads to better productivity

When leaving for university, my parents stressed to me that I needed to prioritize school work. While I agree that this is good advice, I would also advise every student entering post-secondary to prioritize downtime where they focus on self-care. In high school, I found that I always had enough time to work on projects while still having a part […]

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Putting your well-being first should always be a priority

In an effort not to sound like a broken record or an after school special harping about all the ways young adults don’t look after themselves, I’ll make it clear that I’m far from a beacon of health and balance. The beginning of university is a lot to take in. It’s fun, stressful, there’s things to do every single day, […]

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Self-care is becoming too oversimplified

  As we transition into the colder months, I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of Buzzfeed articles and Tumblr posts that are shared about self-care. Ways that people can tackle the winter blues and combat their mental health issues are commonly reduced down to beauty items and junk food that you can buy at your local Walmart. Self-care has […]

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GSA President, Natalie Gleba, hopes to focus on student wellness throughout the upcoming school year

Since stepping into the position of president and CEO of the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) this past May, Natalie Gleba has begun work on project planning for the 2017-18 school year. Gleba described the transition into her new role as “seamless,” attributing the ease to her previous five years of experience with the GSA and relationship with previous president and […]

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