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Photo by Qiao Liu

Coping with the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder

If you’ve begun to feel uncontrollably and unexplainably morose as the days become shorter, the darkness arrives earlier and the weather becomes colder and more unforgiving, then you may be one of the unfortunate few who suffers from seasonal depression. Also called Seasonal Affective Disorder (literally, S.A.D.), seasonal depression is a specific type of mood disorder that is most related […]

by Aaron Hagey· · Arts and Life ·
Graphic by Fani Hsieh

Putting your well-being first should always be a priority

In an effort not to sound like a broken record or an after school special harping about all the ways young adults don’t look after themselves, I’ll make it clear that I’m far from a beacon of health and balance. The beginning of university is a lot to take in. It’s fun, stressful, there’s things to do every single day, […]

by Emily Waitson· · Opinion ·