The Wellness Centre is here to help

Laurier’s Wellness Centres provide physical, emotional and mental health services and resources for students on both campuses. 

“The services that are offered at the Student Wellness Centre encompasses medical health, as well as counselling and mental health support,“ Jenna Baronette, nurse manager at the Waterloo campus Wellness Centre said. 

Students can come in for issues that they would usually present to their family health practitioner, including illness or injury, preventative healthcare such as birth control, medical management of mental health and counselling.  

“We have a range of nurses, mental health nurses, physicians … physio, chiropractor, massage, dietician here in the wellness center as well as our team of counsellors,” she said. 

She explained that the Wellness Centre helps students navigate which services are best for them and what they need for treatment and support.  
“If [students] are not sure what they’re needing or if there [have] questions, they can always get booked to speak to our nurse and they can help figure out what they’re needing for that day. 

Students can call (519-884-0710 ext. 3146) and book appointments, or walk in and book appointments. There are limited same-day spots for medical and counselling services, and urgent cases take precedence when seeking care at the Wellness Centre. Students experiencing crisis can get booked with a counsellor or a safety appointment to make sure they are seen and supported. 

The Wellness Centre also provides education and resources for students when asking about health conditions and they partner with Wellness Education for a wide variety of workshops, certificates and events about proactive strategies regarding health and wellness. 

“We are here to help students whether that is on an episodic, one-time thing that’s happening or to help them throughout their time here at Laurier,” Baronette said. 

“Reach out and access us. We’re here. We want to support [students]. We want to help them navigate their own health and wellness and help them be successful in their Laurier career here.”  

She also mentioned that the Wellness Centre is always open to feedback and they have a feedback form on their website to fill in if necessary. 

If you have suicidal thoughts or do not think you can keep yourself safe right now: 

Call Here 24/7 at 1.844.Here.24.7 (1.844.437.3247) 

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