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Catherine Fife re-elected as NDP dominates Kitchener-Waterloo ridings

The results of the 2018 provincial election are in; Doug Ford, PC party leader, is the new premiere of Ontario. The PC party has earned a majority government, currently holding over 70 seats. Behind Ford, NDP leader Andrea Horwath has currently acquired over 35 seats, while Wynne — the premiere of Ontario since 2013  — has only received 6 seats overall. Mike Schreiner, […]

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Newly elected Board of Directors sees increase in female representation

Newly elected Board of Directors sees increase in female representation

With the 2017 Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union elections over, the gender ratio on the Board of Directors has increased its female board presence. Seven men and five women have been elected onto the Board of Directors. The five women who have been elected are Emily Rezkalla, Klaudia Wojtanowski, Ilana Roitman, Moumita Paul and Dana Toameh. The five women are […]

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Laurier speaks our after U.S. elections

After Donald Trump was announced as the 45th president of the United States of America, students, staff and faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University’s Waterloo campus began reacting to the news in various ways, especially concerning how Trump’s presidency could impact Canada’s relationship with the U.S. Last Thursday, the Diversity and Equity Office and the Laurier Students’ Public Interest Research Group […]

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US Election viewing party hosted in Turret

Students and faculty around the Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo campus have spent the last few weeks preparing to watch the 2016 American Presidential Election. The Laurier Association of Political Science Students hosted an election results party in the Laurier Turret Tuesday night in preparation. Students were welcome to come and view the results with appetizers, drinks and activities. Games such […]

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