Students’ Union Election for the 2023-2024 year

On Jan. 20 from 2-4, the Laurier Students’ Union hosted a candidate meet-up. This event provided undergraduate students with an opportunity to meet the candidates running in this term’s election, in order to help them make informed choices when voting.  

One such candidate, Megan Spenler, is running for the role of the Students’ Union President.  

“It’s been really fun interacting with students in the concourse and Laz. But I’m really excited to see how the votes turn out. It has been great so far,” said Spenler, reflecting on her election season so far.  

When asked about what she wishes to accomplish, Spenler gave further insight into her outlook as potential Students’ Union President: 

“The biggest thing I want to accomplish is student engagement. So from the pandemic, I’ve really seen this past year that students have really been disengaged with campus. So with that we have less volunteers, we have less people joining clubs, less people coming out to events. So next year, kind of recovering from the pandemic, I really want to get students engaged on campus again.” 

Further, Spenler expanded on how lack of student engagement on campus could be rectified.  

“So I want to do more programming – just work on getting students excited to be on campus again.  I think we’ve kind of lost that over the pandemic.” 

Lastly, Spenler shared what she wishes eligible voters to know about her and her platform before the election: 

“I’m really excited for the opportunity to potentially be president next year, I have a lot of Students’ Union experience I would like to leverage if I become president next year,” Spenler said.  

“It’s really important that you vote, every Laurier student pays fees to the Students’ Union so it’s really important that you have your voice heard – even if it’s not to vote for me. Make sure that you vote for the Board of Directors or other positions that will be on the forum. So I really encourage you to vote and I’m really excited to potentially have a positive impact on the community next year if I am voted in.” 

Ready to vote? Have more questions about the voting process? Visit for more information before voting commences from Jan. 24 to 26.  

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