Students rally for Palestine in the quad

Unified Unidentified brings together students and inspires community for victims of war in Gaza

On Feb. 13, students gathered in the quad on Laurier’s Waterloo campus for a rally for Palestine, which was organized by student coalition, Unified Undefined.

Unified Undefined is a volunteer group that is focused on “building bridges between local post-secondary institutions to help create and sustain social change,” said a representative in an interview with The Cord.

The representative said the rally was planned by students who have been waiting for the university to release a “respectable and appropriate statement regarding the genocide of Palestinians by Israel’s colonial project. Because the university had not spoken up, we decided it was time to take action.”

The rally’s purpose, said the representative, was “to show staff, students, and faculty that fighting for a free Palestine unites us all.”

Unified Undefined is composed of post-secondary students from Laurier and the University of Waterloo, and they’re working on expanding to include students from Conestoga College and other Ontario institutions.

Unified Undefined is not affiliated with Laurier or any other school.

One of the main goals of Unified Undefined is to support action on campus, said their representative. “We decided that as a collective, it was time to make some noise and bring the fight for a free Palestine to the Laurier community.”

To Laurier students, “You as a student hold much more power than you think you do, and there is a place for you in this activism,” said the representative. “Ignoring global injustices does not make them any less real.”

This article was written with notes from Madalyn Mostacci.

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