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Tolerating mixed signals does you no favours

In any respect, feelings are complicated. And they can become even more so when you’re in a situation with someone – not a committed relationship – that allows for things to get a little twisted. And with these tricky scenarios come the possibility of being stringed along. This isn’t just a problem for ladies, I’m sure – but I’ve definitely […]

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Sex toys: good vibes

Note: Prices listed as they were at the time of writing, and are subject to change. BodyWand Mini Massager ($24.95 PinkCherry) This massager is only four inches in length, but is quite high powered for its size. Regardless of whether you want a soft buzz or a high-powered rumbling vibration, this multi-speed wand will deliver. It’s very quiet, the head […]

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Swiping for hatred

Swiping for hatred

I hope she breaks his sad little heart.

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