Sex toys: good vibes

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Note: Prices listed as they were at the time of writing, and are subject to change.

BodyWand Mini Massager ($24.95 PinkCherry)

This massager is only four inches in length, but is quite high powered for its size. Regardless of whether you want a soft buzz or a high-powered rumbling vibration, this multi-speed wand will deliver. It’s very quiet, the head is super flexible, and the compact size allows this product to be easily tucked away if you need a toy that is portable. All in all, it’s simple, cute and gets the job done. It’s also pink and rhinestoned, which is an added plus.

Womanizer Premium ($219.00 Womanizer)

For those who are willing to spend the big bucks for the best Valentine’s day ever and countless clitoral orgasms, then the Womanizer Premium should be your next purchase. Back in December my partner bought us the toy and I finally understood the power of multiple orgasms. The features are endless; twelve different vibration levels, autopilot mode, waterproof, battery life of four hours, and it turns on by skin contact. You really have no idea of the majestic power this toy has until you use it. Everyone should have this toy and I mean it this toy makes all my petty everyday problems disappear.

We Vibe Sync ($219.00 WeVibe)

If you need some excitement with you and your partner give the We Vibe Sync a try. It has a combination of both clitoral and g spot stimulation: what’s not to like? The toy has spectacular technological innovation, as there’s a remote and an app to control and set to music (no, I’m not lying). It can feel awkward fitting while having sex with it at first, but trust me and be ambitious, because once you get the hang of it there’s no going back. This toy is on the expensive side, but the best orgasms when with your partner are always priceless.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation ($40.99 AMAZON)

Ring the alarm, because we’ve found the Beyoncé of clitoral stimulators. For those of us who experience traumatic flashbacks of skin ripping and pelvic floor slams when thinking of penetrative sex, this toy is the answer. Generally speaking, if you have a vulva, you’ve likely experienced a small percentage, if any, of orgasms by the shaft of your partner. The Satisfyer is well known for its sucking technology, akin to oral sex, it creates air waves around your clit as a vacuum cleaner against your cheek would. In my opinion, you deserve to flood your sheets in sheer and utter euphoria as the rubber tip securely suctions around the nerve endings you never knew you had. You should be climaxing before you write that ethics midterm, after you submit that reflection into drop box and even during the inevitable disappointment that is penetration. So, if you desire multiple orgasms, squirting or are under a time constraint, as all students are, then this toy will be your prize possession. Cum on, friends.

Renegade Vibrating Heavyweight Plug ($69.95 PinkCherry)

If you’re a butt stuff enthusiast or you’re looking to venture into new territory this Valentine’s Day, this may be the toy for you. Whether it’s for yourself or your partner, butt plugs are a great way to explore yourselves a little more than usual this year. This toy comes in multiple sizes, so you can pick according to your level of experience. The anchored end makes it comfortable to wear and the vibrations will bring your orgasms to new levels. Use it on its own or during sex to amplify the sensations. Plus, it’s rechargeable so no need to worry changing any batteries.

Eve’s First Rabbit Vibrator ($55.33 Adam & Eve)

If you want power, a slim shaft and clitoral stimulation all in one thrust, this is the toy for you. With endless settings for both speed and intensity, these nine inches will have your toes curling inwards in record time. Equipped with its very own vibrating motor, the long ears of the furless friend up top will flick and tingle your bits until kingdom cum.

It’s also waterproof, so get wet.

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