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Editorial: Voting informed as a post secondary student

Although the date of the upcoming federal election has been looming for some time, the dissolving of Parliament on Sept. 11 served as a reminder to Canadians that Oct. 21 is approaching very quickly. For most of us currently enrolled in university, this federal election will be the first in which we get to cast a vote. Voting at any […]

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GRT bus route changes affecting how students travel

Students have returned to Waterloo region for the upcoming school year, causing increased use of Grand River Transit services throughout Kitchener-Waterloo. Despite the recent implementation of the LRT many users of the GRT’s other services are unaware of the changes this caused to bus routes. 32 transit routes and programs were modified as a result of these changes, many of […]

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Oh my God, they were roommates!

For most first years, moving away from home means moving into a new place with new people. Depending on the type of residence you’re placed in, you might have a no roommates. You might have four. Regardless of how many strangers you’ll be sharing your space with, how you get along with people can be the biggest driving force behind […]

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Everyone’s got something to say about Kawhi Leonard’s introverted nature

Everyone’s got something to say about Kawhi Leonard’s introverted nature

It would be an understatement to say that everyone in the vicinity of Toronto have become Kawhi Leonard’s biggest fans.  In the last few weeks alone, the newly-acquired Raptor has become one of the world’s biggest sensations. Leonard is certainly very well known for his athletic talents (which cannot be overstated); but recently, he has become famous for his introverted […]

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