Why October is the best month

Graphic by Jaime Mere

If I were to conduct a sample census on campus asking students their favourite month, at least 8 out of 10 would say October. 

October is the most common month depicted in college movies; autumn is simply is setting one pictures when thinking of a university campus. This cannot be by chance; autumn is the best time to be a student.

October has the perfect weather — with an average of 14 degrees it gets the distinct stereotype of “sweater weather.” Refined for the hoodie, sweats and legging wardrobe staples of Laurier students.

Layering in the fall is easy preparatory work for the cold winter season to come. Autumn has a refreshing thin cold layer to embrace while walking across campus. The falling leaves can bring a nostalgic feeling, a changing scenery that makes students happy to throw on a flannel and get up for their morning class.

With Halloween approaching, there seems to be a substantial amount of free candy being given out in the concourse. Campus is decorated into a “Halloween-town.” Your walk home from campus seems shorter when you are looking at Halloween decorations and porches littered with pumpkins. 

The season grants access to all the“scary when you were a kid” nostalgic Disney movies like Hocus Pocus, Monster House, and older horror movies.

Waterloo holds specific fall based events that will give you reason to get out into the community. St. Jacobs Market is only a 15-minute bus ride from campus and the perfect place to pick out pumpkins, apple fritters and some cheap produce. In addition to on-campus Halloween events, the Kitchener-Waterloo area hosts a historic Oktoberfest.

The middle of October holds the well awaited fall reading week, a time to travel home and rest. Reading week is essential to student’s overall health as it allows you to get caught up on your heavy workloads. This break allows students to return to class in positive spirits, lifting the campus’ mood.

October hosts two popular holidays. After weeks of being broke and eating ramen noodles, nothing is as special as Thanksgiving dinner. Regardless of whether you embrace your spooky side or not, you can still get dressed up with your friends to go into busy uptown Waterloo for Halloween.

In my personal opinion, I would claim October to be the best month at university due to the food. The combination of baking cookies with my roommates, having easy access to pumpkin spice (don’t sue me) and Thanksgiving weekend all make October the one month at school I am best fed.

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