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Laurier Students’ Union events: a year in review

The 2019 fall semester here at Laurier has seen many exciting events take place. From concerts to craft beer fests, drag shows and cooking demonstrations, the events at Laurier have been nothing short of exciting thus far. “I think we’re trying new stuff this year. We haven’t done a drag show at Laurier for years and we’ve never done a […]

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Students’ Union develops summer initiatives to improve campus life

Students’ Union develops summer initiatives to improve campus life

The Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union (WLUSU) has been continuing their efforts to improve the lives of current and future Golden Hawks as new president, Zemar Hakim and new chair of the board of directors, Owen Bourrie, lead their teams through the summer to prepare for the fall semester that includes events such as orientation week and homecoming.   Owen Bourrie, a returning member of the […]

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After a series of renovations, The Turret celebrates with a grand re-opening ceremony

The long-awaited — and anticipated — grand re-opening of The Turret has come and gone at Wilfrid Laurier University, a celebratory occasion that has left students and faculty with a newfound chance to explore and utilize the newly-renovated event space.  After less than a year of construction, unexpected delays and costing a staggering $2.2 million, The Turret celebrated its official […]

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Presidential food review: The BRARitto

Now, I have my share of Indian cuisine on the regular, so the novelty of combining one ethnically appropriated food with the flavour of another isn’t enough to glaze my eyes over with wonder. But the BRARitto doesn’t need to do that. It’s good, for just being plain good. Taking the original burrito recipe and adding butter chicken sauce is […]

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Editor’s Note: Elections engagement

Editor’s Note: Elections engagement

This Students’ Union election season has been the mildest and least exciting of all Students’ Union elections that I have observed in the past five years. With only one candidate for president and CEO, and with that candidate running a very thought out and well prepared campaign, the result seems inevitable. This year, there are only 15 students running for […]

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Questions and Answers with presidential candidate Kanwar Brar

Questions and Answers with presidential candidate Kanwar Brar

The thought of running for Students’ Union President came up in first year, actually, when I was a part of a campaign team. In the past four years…

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WLU Student Elections: Candidate Platform Summaries

Candidate Platform SummariesWilfrid Laurier Students’ Union 2017 Elections Presidential Candidates Kanwar Brar – Waterloo I am a 4th year Political Science student pursuing the position of President & CEO because I believe in enhancing the student experience at Laurier. My initiatives are focused around five pillars of: Student Experience, Advocacy, Communication, Transparency and Representation. If elected, I’d like to focus […]

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Brantford’s role during the Students’ Union election

During this election season at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo and Brantford students will be exposed to various events and campaign initiatives in order to become informed about this year’s candidates. Each year, there is evidence of fewer candidates from Laurier’s Brantford campus than from the Waterloo campus. This year, only three out of 15 Board of Director candidates are from […]

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Exploring the presidential transition period

The Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union is once again electing a new president and CEO. The purpose of the Students’ Union president and CEO is to be the voice of the students, as well as give students the tools to attend events, start a club, join a club or use the resources available on and off campus. The president and […]

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WLU senate votes in favour of fall reading week

In January 2014, the Wilfrid Laurier University Senate approved a three-year pilot project that would test a fall reading week. The week consists of four days off for students after the Thanksgiving weekend in October. Having completed the pilot period this past reading week, the Senate met again on October 18 to discuss the decision to implement the four-day fall […]

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