Presidential food review: The BRARitto

Photo by Paige Bush

Now, I have my share of Indian cuisine on the regular, so the novelty of combining one ethnically appropriated food with the flavour of another isn’t enough to glaze my eyes over with wonder.

But the BRARitto doesn’t need to do that. It’s good, for just being plain good.

Taking the original burrito recipe and adding butter chicken sauce is perhaps the easiest alteration to the meal for this Presidential Election season but also one of the most effective.

You have options to customize the protein inside the burrito between chicken, beef and beans — but if you’re going to have a burrito properly and with butter chicken sauce at that, the choice is obvious.

For the portion size you get, the burrito is worth it. If you’re not the type to get a take-away box, I’d suggest not eating for — I don’t know — the entire day.

The only shortcoming of the meal is the ratio between rice and, well, everything else. Adding guac for an extra $1.50 saved me to be able to write this very review.

Overall, however, this presidential meal gets a solid 8 out of 10 full beards from me — a 100 per cent, legitimate and reputable food critic.

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