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Manjot is a fourth-year BBA student who began writing for The Cord early in his third-year as an Arts & Life volunteer. His start was ushered after a series binge of Sex and the City, as he fell in love with the glitz and glam of city life. Now, as the Arts & Life Editor, he hopes to turn his Carrie Bradshaw-esque dreams to reality. Manjot gets through his days listening to the discographies of Rihanna, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj in addition to splashes of indie-pop.

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Ever After Festival plans to continue to serve as Ontario’s staple EDM Festival

As a recent convertee into the world of EDM, I was a bit apprehensive in embracing the genre of music for whatever inner battle I’m having with self-actualization. After writing it off completely alongside country music, I’ve dipped my toes into the likes of DVBBs and DJ Snake, the equivalent of listening to Drake as an intro to rap music […]

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Instagram model, Cameron McElroy, moving on from the fitness industry

Being an Instagram aficionado is what’s on the mind of almost everyone our age. Every party and event we go to is a dud, if we didn’t get a good picture to capture the moment and share with all of our friends. It has become an obsessive online reflection of ourselves, one which we routinely tweak and perfect to garner […]

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‘Cakes by the Pound’ tour brings together an eclectic crowd

‘Cakes by the Pound’ tour brings together an eclectic crowd

I, for some reason, cannot fully indulge in the experiences shared by white rappers in their music. Something about the music is a little too fabricated and gimmicky — regardless of their personal experiences being undoubtedly valid. And it was apparent that this past Monday night at Starlight was going to consist of predominately white hip hop artists. However, I […]

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The Roll Joint, a student-founded restaurant caters to K-W’s weekend crowd

Moving away from home for university can be exciting, however there seems to always be something missing — whether that be familiar faces, or familiar foods. Such is the exact motivation behind the creation of The Roll Joint – a new, student run restaurant that operates on Friday and Saturday nights from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. “It was last […]

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The dire state of the bee population and why it matters

The dire state of the bee population and why it matters

The world is ending. Fish are being overfished; the polar ice caps are melting; bees are dying; and it’s all our fault. But what can we really do about this besides raise awareness? “Pollinator habitat is one of the most important things out there right now,” said Glen Ackroyd, owner of Acroyd Honey, a local commercial beekeeper. “Not only in […]

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Urban Bricks Pizza aims to combine Neapolitan pizzas with the fast-paced university culture

As per the evident four year-or-so turnover for K-W’s restaurant and nightlife scene, this month we welcome Urban Bricks Pizza, which now stands in place of the forgettable Heaven Gastro Club on University Ave. Walking inside the pizza joint, the affluence that the American chain was bringing to compete with existing pizzerias was evident. The inside was equipped with a […]

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Kitchener Public Library event to take artistic angle to social injustice

Social justice, and fighting the good fight have been brought to the forefront of our Western world today more than ever. With all the political uncertainty attempting to push back years of progress, Canadians and those within the K-W community have begun to take action. On March 1, Laurier women’s studies professor Helen Ramirez, along with a team of Laurier […]

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Art isn’t all about awards

Art isn’t all about awards

It’s the recognition we don’t get that makes us crave it more, but it’s the recognition we do get that inflates our egos. I suppose there really is no way to come out on top, even when you do. Our culture revolves around a constant need to rate things and know who’s the best and who’s the worst in virtually […]

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Mostly Sunny sheds light on new Bollywood talent’s controversial past

After viewing the trailer for this documentary, it was clear that although not an experienced film critic, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dissect and review Mostly Sunny. The film took only 1:47 to pull me in head first. Not for the troubled past of the Sunny Leone, an ex-adult film star turned actress, but for the underlying issues […]

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Presidential food review: The BRARitto

Now, I have my share of Indian cuisine on the regular, so the novelty of combining one ethnically appropriated food with the flavour of another isn’t enough to glaze my eyes over with wonder. But the BRARitto doesn’t need to do that. It’s good, for just being plain good. Taking the original burrito recipe and adding butter chicken sauce is […]

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