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New year, new situation? Laurier and UW hope to give student housing a new face in 2020

Students in the Waterloo Region have known for some time that housing across the city is growing to be increasingly unattainable for students and lucrative for corporations. After this fall’s Accomod8u scandal and a number of online exposées against popular student rental company KW4Rent, student housing in Waterloo became a hot button issue yet again. Both companies came under fire […]

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Student housing issues lead to protests by those affected

Revolutionary Student Movement’s (RSM) Waterloo chapter organized a student housing rally that took place on Sept. 23 after a massive data leak of over 6000 maintenance requests that came from the tenant portal for users living in buildings owned by Accomad8U, especially pertaining to many buildings on Albert Street. Although almost 800 students had said they were interested in attending […]

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Have a student housing concern? You have options!

In the last few weeks, student housing activists from the two Waterloo universities and beyond have rocked the boat with their calls for change in the housing and apartment market. Monday Sept. 23 saw the first of many demonstrations in the fight for fair housing, but the hustle and bustle around the Accommod8u scandal and KW4Rent allegations have left students […]

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Taking a chance on student housing in Waterloo Region

Taking a chance on student housing in Waterloo Region

 It’s no secret that the student housing market in Waterloo has reached the point of crisis. To those who are currently renting, this is nothing new. In recent days, however, the “Fuccommod8u” scandal has done more than rock the boat. A recent data breach released over 6000 alleged maintenance complaints from within student property management company Accommod8u has capsized […]

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A guide to signing leases and avoiding housing hiccups

After meticulous research, investigations into unfortunate living experiences and personally managing to move into a new living situation every year of my four-year university-career, I have finally cracked the code. Listen up folks. Before you are the four rules of signing leases that will hopefully avoid epic screw-overs, financial detriment and shitty situations. Why? Because the best way to fix […]

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Move-in delays for ICON Waterloo

While some students at Wilfrid Laurier University have been able to live comfortably since the beginning of classes, a few are still struggling with how and when they can move into their new apartments. On September 2, ICON Waterloo, two 25 storey high-rises located on Phillip and Columbia, announced in an email to their tenants that their move-in dates would […]

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