Laurier’s SRAC: know your rights when leasing


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When it comes to renting, students are an especially vulnerable demographic since the majority of them are first-time renters who do not have the expertise or legal understanding to defend themselves if they are treated unfairly. 

The Students’ Union website has a section dedicated to university-related matters where students may discover contact information for relevant departments and administrators.  

The Student Right Advisory Committee (SRAC) of the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union has been active in recent years, helping to raise student and community knowledge of housing rights. 

“The SRAC students union committee has the main goal of helping students with their landlord and academic appeals, non-legal advice committee, to help students navigate their rights, and give access to resources they might need.” Karneet Chahal, AVP of SRAC said 

The SRAC helps students learn about their rights before they sign any leases with landlords, they will be better prepared to negotiate with those landlords later on in their academic careers. 

Before joining the student rental market, students need to educate themselves with knowledge so that they may avoid the many potential hazards that may be encountered. Students should educate themselves with the rights and obligations of a renter so that they will be better equipped to deal with those who would take advantage of their lack of expertise. 

Students having trouble with their residence hall should reach out to the Student Rights Advisory Committee (SRAC) via the Students’ Union at Laurier for urgent support and/or action. 

“The best way to reach out would be through emailing, and also filling out the notice of consent form found in the linktree in the SRAC instagram (@wlu_srac_w),” Sophia Guardado, Coordinator, for Students Rights Advisory Committee said. 

In the case where further legal action should be taken, SRAC may also connect students with Waterloo Region Community Legal Services (WRCLS). 

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