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Graphic by Will Huang

A guide to signing leases and avoiding housing hiccups

After meticulous research, investigations into unfortunate living experiences and personally managing to move into a new living situation every year of my four-year university-career, I have finally cracked the code. Listen up folks. Before you are the four rules of signing leases that will hopefully avoid epic screw-overs, financial detriment and shitty situations. Why? Because the best way to fix […]

by Mitchell Consky· · Features ·
Delving into Waterloo’s housing crisis

Delving into Waterloo’s housing crisis

There’s a new trend in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region and no, it doesn’t involve fashion, food or phone apps. Rather, it’s undeveloped student apartments. Over the past two years, four condominium buildings have failed to be completed on time for the beginning of the fall term. The first building was 1 Columbia in 2014. The second was the Sage 2 condo […]

by Kaitlyn Severin· · Features ·