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On-campus roommate conflict resources

Living independently while going to school often means having to navigate one aspect of university life that many students aren’t prepared for — roommates. Sharing your space with other people — in many cases, complete strangers — can be challenging, especially when conflicts arise with the people you’re expected to share your space with. And while your first instinct may […]

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Editorial: Learning from living with roommates

Going home over the summer can be an easy thing to get comfortable with. What can I say — clean laundry, free food and access to a car! However, with this luxury lifestyle there always comes a time when you get to switch your parents as roommates for friends. As a first-time apartment or house renter knowing who you can […]

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Oh my God, they were roommates!

For most first years, moving away from home means moving into a new place with new people. Depending on the type of residence you’re placed in, you might have a no roommates. You might have four. Regardless of how many strangers you’ll be sharing your space with, how you get along with people can be the biggest driving force behind […]

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Editorial: Finding your passion within clubs

Editorial: Finding your passion within clubs

As someone who enjoyed my high school experience — being a part of multiple sports teams, student council and DECA, to name a few — it seems almost obvious that I would say getting involved in university will be the best thing you ever do and to 100 per cent apply to Laurier.  Yet, during my first two years at […]

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