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Brittany Ditizio is the Social Media Coordinator for The Cord this upcoming year. Brittany wrote for the Arts and Life section of the paper throughout her third-year and enjoyed every bit of it. She is going into her fourth-year of undergrad studying Biology and English and is excited to combine science and literature in her future endeavours. If she's not consumed in a romantic comedy, you can find her at the Rogers Centre cheering on the Jays.

Articles by Brittany Ditizio

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Complaining over exam season gets you nowhere

That time of year is quickly approaching. No, not the part when summer starts and everything is well in the life of a student — it’s rather the part that every student in history is guilty of whining about: when people bring all of their belongings to the library to campout and also the time of year when you may […]

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The scariest transition is the step after Laurier

Four years ago, I couldn’t picture the end of my university career. It seemed so far away and I figured these four years would be about the longest of my life. Looking back on it, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Moving a couple hours away from home seemed like it was going to be one of the hardest things […]

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The best courses are the ones that apply beyond the classroom

Regardless of your major, everyone has encountered a course that you need in order to graduate. Most students are required to take courses that are irrelevant to their major and often a course that they don’t have any interest in. So why aren’t universities implementing required courses that can apply to everyone — ones that can apply in a real […]

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V-Day on a budget – Optimizing the romance without breaking the bank

The Cafe Bookworm Date For couples who share a mutual interest of books and reading, why not head out for a bookstore crawl and some intimate conversation at a café. For those who like to read, spending a couple hours wandering around a bookstore can actually be pretty fun. Not only do you get to check out some books that […]

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Politicians that stood effortlessly at the intersection of fashion and politics

Politicians that stood effortlessly at the intersection of fashion and politics

Social Media Coordinator Brittany Ditizio weighs in on politicians past and the impacts of their fashion choices Behind the intelligence and leadership qualities of influential politicians is a closet, open to populations on a global scale. It is often these leaders that become noted in history as being ones able to balance both a country and its challenges, along with a fashion sense: two […]

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Succulents: Are these the new pet rocks?

You’ve seen them at grocery stores and garden centres and chances are, you now have one on your bedside table. The Tamagotchi of your youth has now turned into a leafy, cacti-looking plant, a succulent to be exact. Succulents are plants with thick stems and leaves that help them retain water, quite similar to plants you would find in the […]

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Unexpected reactions to Horror Show Collective’s Scary Movie Challenge

When I think of scary movies, the first thing that comes to mind is horror, fake blood and graphic scenes with nothing real about them. On October 27, The Scary Movie Challenge, hosted by the Horror Show Collective was held at the Princess Cinemas in uptown Waterloo. The movie that was being showed was kept secret, but it was said […]

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Laurier students make it to poetry slam nationals

The Canadian Festival of Spoken Word is set to run from October 23-30 in Winnipeg this year. Promising teams from around the country will compete in this week-long tournament featuring workshops, parties and some serious talent showcases. The event will host 22 teams who will each voice their thoughts through a raw technique called slam poetry. This concept involves not […]

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Justin Trudeau’s role as a fashion icon

With today’s era of extensive media coverage of politics all over the world, there are added pressures and judgments put on large political figures. 2015 was the year that the spotlight was put on Canada, when Justin Trudeau was elected as the country’s prime minister. Not only is Justin Trudeau known for shadowing his father, but he has also become […]

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Dance crazes of the 2000’s

This past year we’ve seen numerous dance crazes take the social media world by storm and everyone is feeling nostalgic about the most popular dances from our childhood. We’ve seen these moves time and time again, but where did they even come from and why do we even do them? When things come back in style, its usually clothing that […]

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