Justin Trudeau’s role as a fashion icon


Photo by Will Huang
Photo by Will Huang

With today’s era of extensive media coverage of politics all over the world, there are added pressures and judgments put on large political figures.

2015 was the year that the spotlight was put on Canada, when Justin Trudeau was elected as the country’s prime minister.

Not only is Justin Trudeau known for shadowing his father, but he has also become a political fashion icon known throughout the world. Prior to Trudeau being elected, many thought this politician would not be experienced enough to run an entire country. Opposition even coined the phrase, “he’s just not ready.”

While Canada is still experiencing the beginning of the political ideas Trudeau is establishing, there is one thing that the country is sure of: he has great hair.

However, the question becomes whether or not his hip, new influence on Canada makes the country look vulnerable.

It’s not a secret that most young Canadians don’t care about politics, but since young people will become the future of this country, it is up to them to become proactive in political views and understanding Canada’s outlook. Teaching politics in elementary and high school has always been done, but does it really get kids interested in politics?

Probably not.

While young Canadians are active on social media, politics seem to have become more interesting, especially with a prime minister like Trudeau. With unending memes and frequent stylish appearances in the ever so happening navy blue fitted suit and tan dress shoes, Trudeau is a fresh take on Canada.

It is this connection to modern society that makes Trudeau one of the most appealing prime ministers to ever influence Canada’s youth.

Gone are the days of tailored black suits and shoes to match, as Trudeau proves that jeans and colourful socks are fitted for anyone, even the prime minister.

Not only are the young people of Canada accepting Trudeau as a fashion icon, the rest of the world is able to see Canada as a diversified country. People are able to see that, through Trudeau, powerful individuals in the world do not need to follow a set of rules, especially regarding appearance when they are playing a significant part to make change.

In no way does it make Canada seem trivial for having a leader with fashion sense—it actually makes Canada look cooler than it already was.

With an intelligent head on his shoulders and a compassionate personality to boot, of course his fashionable take on the traditional political figure is nothing but positive for Canada in the public eye.

Perhaps Trudeau’s style makes his motivated attitude even more apparent than it already is and this is a good thing for our country. Realistically, when was the last time you’ve seen a prime minister wear striped socks on television?

If you’re not ready for the change that comes with having someone like Justin Trudeau guide our country, then you’re probably not ready to progress.

Whether it is marching in the Pride Parade or cuddling newborn pandas, we are sure to see Trudeau in the perfect outfit for the occasion.

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