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The resurgence of the fanny pack

I’ll be honest, I used to think fanny packs were pretty damn ugly. And to be fair, they’ve never really been stereotypically attractive as an accessory, no matter what brand plasters their logo all over them or what a model looks like wearing one. But ever since they slowly started edging their way back onto the fashion scene, I’ve found […]

by Emily Waitson· · Arts and Life ·
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Thrifting in KW for sustainable fashion

Thrifting and vintage shopping have turned into a rising trend in a time where sustainable fashion and the ethics surrounding it are becoming more valued in terms of how and where we shop.  Fast fashion dominates a large portion of clothing sales, which multiple large corporations have been revealed to make in order to produce their products at massive rates.  […]

by Emily Waitson· · Arts and Life ·
Unhooking the stigma behind going braless

Unhooking the stigma behind going braless

There isn’t a woman I know that enjoys wearing a bra. How can anyone blame them? Bras are confining, they cut into the skin and add an extra layer of fabric in the summer. However, because I’m not entirely small chested, I never considered going braless. People would notice; my breasts would be out of control. It seemed like the […]

by Shyenne MacDonald· · Opinion ·
Politicians that stood effortlessly at the intersection of fashion and politics

Politicians that stood effortlessly at the intersection of fashion and politics

Social Media Coordinator Brittany Ditizio weighs in on politicians past and the impacts of their fashion choicesBehind the intelligence and leadership qualities of influential politicians is a closet, open to populations on a global scale. It is often these leaders that become noted in history as being ones able to balance both a country and its challenges, along with a fashion sense: two very […]

by Brittany Ditizio· · Arts and Life ·
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Justin Trudeau’s role as a fashion icon

With today’s era of extensive media coverage of politics all over the world, there are added pressures and judgments put on large political figures. 2015 was the year that the spotlight was put on Canada, when Justin Trudeau was elected as the country’s prime minister. Not only is Justin Trudeau known for shadowing his father, but he has also become […]

by Brittany Ditizio· · Opinion ·