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Shining a light on kink culture

Disclaimer: The author of this article not a fetish expert and is not trying to insert herself in the community. She is just interested in the subject. When people hear the word “fetish,” their first thought is probably Fifty Shades of Grey-esque BDSM. And perhaps it’s not wrong to say that this franchise brought edgier and obscure sex practices to […]

by Alyssa Di Sabatino· · Features ·
Not giving into the pressures of Valentine’s Day

Not giving into the pressures of Valentine’s Day

There are two kinds of people in February: people who love Valentine’s Day and people who loathe it. From my experience, there’s no one who really sits on the fence. Stereotypically, the people who love it are in relationships and the people who loathe it are single. For the first time in five years, I’ll be single this upcoming Valentine’s […]

by Bethany Bowles· · Opinion ·
Sex toys of the future have arrived

Sex toys of the future have arrived

Why would anyone want or need a sex toy this technologically advanced? In the words of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: “because it’s 2016.”

by Zachary Guitor· · Arts and Life, Life, Slider ·
Mastering the first date

Mastering the first date

Dates can be an exciting time to get to know your possible significant other, but the fear of rejection can sometimes be overwhelming.

by Andreas Patsiaouros· · Arts and Life, Life, Slider ·
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Deconstructing the social ‘taboo’ around virginity

Considering all of the pressures within university culture, students often feel obligated to give in to the social expectations of the “college experience.”

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