Deconstructing the social ‘taboo’ around virginity

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Considering all of the pressures within university culture, students often feel obligated to give in to the social expectations of the “college experience.” Drinking, partying and perhaps most significantly, sex, seem to weave together in a common system of imposed expectancy. Expectations for exploring your sexuality are perhaps most prominent within a university setting, where relationships are not only encouraged, but socially enforced. Why is this the case?

Many consider the days living on their own as a chance to “find themselves,” to live their life to the fullest and stack on as many experiences as possible to help them grow as students and people. However, in searches for self-discovery, physical impulses should not be the only basis of exploration.

There’s no denying the social pressures for people to lose their virginity before a certain age. Somewhere within the influences of our adolescence, it has been widely misconstrued that virginity correlates with social status and “being personable.” People fear being exposed as “sexually inexperienced” and are willing to do whatever it takes to defeat this negatively perceived label — even having sex when they’re not sure it’s time. Being “ready” no longer seems to matter. Sex has become as casual as having a drink with a stranger. Romance and sex have become two separate relationships, with external forces continuing to pressure students into doing what they may not want to do.

It’s important to realize virginity is circumstantial. Everybody develops differently and every person carries different ideals of what sex means to them.

We are not saying that sexuality should be silenced, we are saying that remaining a virgin is something that should not be considered taboo. It’s important to understand when sex is a public, societal aspect and when it’s a personal choice. Pressure shouldn’t be the catalyst to something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

It’s your body. Don’t let the noise of other opinions decide what you want to do with it.

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