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Filling hangover fixes

In the spirit of St Patrick’s Day, it would seem to be appropriate to prepare students on how to best cope with their post-Ezra hangovers via greasy and filling fast food.  All things considered — i.e. the whole suspended classes, social isolation thing — condoning large gatherings isn’t exactly a morally, ethically, or hygienically sound idea.  That’s why this article […]

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Wine and junk food pairings for Valentine’s day!

Wine: the best way to get drunk while also maintaining the illusion of class. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, most of us are looking for ways to make ourselves and/or your significant others feel special. But being on a student budget can really narrow down your options — most of us can’t afford to splurge on a fancy night […]

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Are Ezra ‘darties’ overrated?

With homecoming just around the corner, Laurier students are getting emails and seeing posters reminding us to be respectful during “unsanctioned street gatherings,” better known to our first years as mattress and couch sacrificing ceremonies.  Based on last year’s St. Paddy’s bringing out crowds of 30, 000 people, combined with the media response to Ezra’s Labour Day shenanigans, it would […]

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Editor’s Note: Peer pressure in post-secondary

Editor’s Note: Peer pressure in post-secondary

I have never been to Phil’s. Not hating — my brother went there a few times and my father did before him — just stating facts. It has become apparent that I might historically be the only Editor-in-Chief at this newspaper that never made a point of popping by there at least once. On that same note, my university experience […]

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Changes are being made to Winter Carnival

Every January, students at Wilfrid Laurier University are invited to participate in Winter Carnival, the annual school spirit week that resurrects Laurier spirit after Orientation Week appears to be a thing of the past. “It gives students something outside of the classroom … I think Winter Carnival can provide that opportunity for students to get involved and meet other people […]

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The jungle juice jinx

Last Saturday night I invited a couple friends over to pre-game. I had found an intensive Jurassic Park movie drinking game online and was prepared to become intoxicatingly mesmerized by the 993 dino-CGI. I prepared two large servings of jungle juice. “Jug A” contained two 295 millilitre berry concentrate packs, 885 millilitres of water and 600 millilitres of Bacardi rum. […]

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Drunk on sobriety

A horror story about entering a club completely sober

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