Tying culture together

Tying culture together

Members of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Sikh Student Association are tying the community together, one turban at a time. In celebration of Sikh Awareness Day, the Sikh Student Association organized the second annual TURBAN UP! event on March 15. People of all races and ethnicities, sexual orientation, gender and religious backgrounds were invited to have their own turban tied on their […]

by Zachary Guitor· · Campus, Slider ·
Photo by Paige Bush

Questions raised regarding LRT

Students’ Union has been advocating to increase accessibility to Seagram Drive LRT stop for students

by Maddy Cutts· · Local, News, Slider ·
Graphic by Will Huang

The psychology of being graded

Features Editor Bethany Bowles explores the reasons students put such emphasis on their academic performance

by Bethany Bowles· · Features, Slider ·
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Preparing Laurier for St. Patrick’s Day

The date had been circled since the previous year. Alana Russell, corporate communications for Waterloo Regional Police Service and her team have been hard at work preparing for the incoming staple on the Wilfrid Laurier University social calendar — St. Patrick Day 2016. According to Russell, the Waterloo Police started preparing for the next St. Patrick’s Day as soon as […]

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Graphic by Philip Su

Laurier: A Space Odyssey

Wilfrid Laurier University to introduce new course on space and planetary sciences in the spring

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Graphic by Fani Hsieh

Reviving the “trip or die” mentality

Why is this disregard for an old camp saying such a big deal?

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Black History Month ends in triumph for ABS

Laurier’s Association of Black Students hosted the “Black Excellence” culture show to highlight exceptional contributions

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