Katherine Weber

Katherine is the Online Editor at The Cord. When she isn’t writing her opinion on your favourite band’s horrible new album she is probably at a concert or enjoying a night in with some wine and cheese. Starting as the Web Assistant last year Kate has found her passion for marketing and design. Fun fact: she has the same birthday as the lead singer of her favourite band, Arcade Fire.

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Editorial: University Independence

Editorial: University Independence

I always knew I wanted to live away from home when picking a university, what I didn’t know would happen would be the independence I gained from doing so. This allowed me to find time for myself and tap into who I am and find what I love doing. Growing up, we are always rushed to find out who we […]

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Graphic by Kashyap Patel

The inspirational effects of music and creativity

As a booming creative industry reaching multiple outlets, the music industry has followed a linear pattern of complexity. Good design is what it’s all about, and due to the rapid increase of  vinyl, music is becoming as intricate as ever.  Artists who put the time into concept designs of albums are the ones you should keep around in your bumping […]

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Photo by Kate Weber

Changing Badbadnotgood to Goodgoodnotbad

Photo by Kate Weber On March 28, I had the opportunity to see BadBadNotGood live at Maxwell’s. The Toronto based band is taking your parents’ boring old jazz music and serving you with a fresh genre you never thought you could be into as much as you are now. I had very high hopes for this concert as I attended […]

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Graphic by Alan Li

The community weighs in on St. Patrick’s Day

Ahh mid-March! A time when the not-Irish and stressed university students come together to drink belligerently and fill the streets of Ezra. The pressure of making “Ezra great again” might be high this year due to the fear in some students instilled by Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS). There has been an increase in buzz of stricter regulations this year […]

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Graphic by Alan Li

Understanding the concept of micro-cheating

Micro-cheating: the newest trending term to hit the pop culture dating. After doing some brief research on the definition I was taken back and came to the conclusion that I am a lot happier being single in 2018 than I thought I was. Essentially, micro cheating is the act of thinking highly of someone in any sexual manner, it is […]

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Graphic by Serena Truong

Surviving your study session when there’s no room

Does everyone remember back in January 2017, when students petitioned for more study spots in the Laz Hall? Well, since they finished construction on Laz Hall, study spots haven’t magically become a surplus at our small campus. This is why it is important to know the best places to crank out your next assignment that you are very unsure about. […]

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Taylor Swift - Reputation
Credit: Mert & Marcus

Reconsider your ‘Reputation’ Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor Swift, I am annoyed at how often you appear in the media with your new boyfriends and I will never be able to forgive you for the moron you made of one of the greatest rappers of our generation; the one and only Kendrick Lamar. Readers, if you have not seen what has been infectiously taking over the […]

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