A point for Ace Ping Pong Bar

Tired of your weekly trip to Pub and Phil’s? Well look no further, thanks to the new opening of a hot spot attraction in uptown Waterloo.

Ace Ping Pong Bar is the shiny new attraction and is here to help you get through your cold and miserable midterm season.

I had the opportunity to speak with Chad Yurkin, a Laurier alumni who is the president of Ace along with a handful of others.

Here are some of the questions I asked:

Why did you choose to open, what is the attraction to ping pong?

I have been a DJ for a while now and in the last while there’s been a shift in more of a social experience as opposed to a night club experience.

People tend to go out in groups and do more than dance and drink. The idc came from hearing of an opening in Toronto and decided to meet the changing shift in entertainment. I feel like we will create a hybrid of social and night club entertainment for younger and older generations.

At Ace, there is frequent music with the chance of being social along with other social DJ nights.

What’s your average demographic?

The demographic is an evolution. It is still early on in business and we are not fully on marketing yet but there will be a strong appeal of students if they want something else do to since lots of students walking in uptown pass by location in uptown.

Looking from the outside it draws in a younger business professional or someone in the tech sector looking for after work outing. The feedback has been positive with sports on the TV’s and ping pong — it catches their eyes.

Is it a good work out?

It is a good workout. I’m not good but it is a fun activity. I didn’t realize until you play more that it is a large workout. You start with a sweater on and before you now it you have to take it off.

For people who have never tried it, why should they.

Because they will have fun. At the end of the day they will have a great time, if they have never played … they will have fun. We have high quality equipment with couches to lounge on.

We even have people walk around and pick up the balls for you. You will have the chance to loose yourself in an experience.

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