Fake Instagram accounts

A large phenomenon which took Instagram by storm this summer was 50% of your followers sharing posts about causes which they really don’t care about.

Have they ever sat you down and had a conversation about what autism awareness means to them? Or how they were going to donate real money to the Sudan issue?

Even if they cared (or not), a large part which was never a factor into these random foundations (which you probably never heard of) gaining popularity was where they came from.

After doing some much-needed research, I found that a good portion of these accounts which claimed each share would generate one dollar to the cause were created in order to get a new Instagram account off to a strong start in their personal efforts to become Instagram famous.

In the world that we live in, where social media is already as toxic as it is, this issue only makes it worse. It diminishes the very real issues our world is facing whether it be about climate change, social justice, or any general awareness.

It can also be argued that with all the talks about fake Instagram accounts, where are all the rich companies with all of the wealth and popularity?

Do something, I beg of you, and please, for the love of our planet, don’t do it for the sake of gaining popularity.

Do it because sometimes it is actually a good thing to do the right thing at some point in your life. I understand that we are all at fault for this issue, and it is a difficult task to ask a big company that is money driven to change their ways.

I believe that a start to actually making a change starts with us little people in the way that we go about how spreading issues. Bots follow you and like celebrity photos every day –why would it not happen? Also, why are you posting about it if you don’t care about the cause?

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