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Harvey Weinstein’s crimes are disgusting, but not surprising

Harvey Weinstein has dominated media headlines lately due to an increasing onslaught of accusations made against him regarding many alleged acts of sexual assault. I wish I could say that finding out about this news shook me to my core, but it didn’t. Reading about his repugnant behaviour detailed in a gripping article from The New Yorker, was difficult, but […]

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BREAKING: Class action lawsuit filed against WRPS

Two former female constables have filed a class action lawsuit against the Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS) for systemic and institutional gender-based discrimination and harassment, sexual harassment and sexual assault, as reported by 570 News earlier this morning. The former constables, Angelina Rivers and Sharon Zehr, reported that they were subjected to routine harassment and abuse from fellow male superiors […]

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WRPS to invite community groups to task force

After an investigation by The Globe and Mail, it was found that approximately one in five reports of sexual assault are dismissed by police forces across Canada. The Waterloo Regional Police Services are taking action to review past sexual assault cases that were deemed unfounded. Police Chief Bryan Larkin announced earlier in February that the WRPS will be reviewing how […]

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Unsigned: Sexual assault report statistics may deter survivors

An investigative piece by the Globe and Mail released recently shows that a startling number of sexual assault cases in Ontario are dismissed as unfounded — meaning nothing is ever done after the assault is reported to police. There is so much emphasis placed on reporting the sexual assault that it’s incredibly disheartening to see that a large number don’t […]

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Reported sexual assault near Laurier campus

A statement was issued today on Wilfrid Laurier University’s website regarding two reported cases of sexual assault that occurred this morning near Laurier’s Waterloo campus. The statement read, “Wilfrid Laurier University would like to alert the Laurier community to two similar sexual assaults that took place in the vicinity of the university’s Waterloo campus early Friday morning. The first occurred […]

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Brock Turner and his father’s pathetic plea

Brock Turner and his father’s pathetic plea

Last week, social media seemed to explode with those eager to voice their opinions about the Stanford sexual assault case. For those unfamiliar with the story, Brock Turner, a former 20-year-old student at Stanford University, was found guilty last March for three counts of sexually assaulting a woman in January 2015. Two weeks ago, Judge Aaron Persky sentenced Turner to […]

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Research to study handling of sexual assault disclosures

Sexual assault research will soon be at the forefront as Ginette Lafreniere, associate professor for the faculty of social work at Wilfrid Laurier University, received $50,000 to explore the conduct and responsiveness of Special Constables Services and Waterloo Regional Police Services. The research, provided by the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, will look at how the services […]

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