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The third season of Netflix’s “On My Block” balances plot holes with an enjoyable and nuanced story

The third season on Netflix’s On My Block was released on March 11, and with only eight episodes — as opposed to the previous ten per season — it is easily bingeable. This is especially so considering the current global circumstances.  For those who aren’t familiar with the show, On My Block is a coming-of age tale that follows the […]

by Alyssa Di Sabatino· · Arts, Arts and Life ·
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Cheerleading: competitive sport or not

When most people think of cheerleading, a certain image comes to mind. They think of skinny blonde girls, pom-poms and dancing on the sidelines at a football game. A cheerleader’s purpose is to amp up the crowd and motivate their team to win; they are the backbone of the teams they cheer on, holding them up when they are slipping, […]

by Sophia Cole· · Features ·
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Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye gives a demonstration

The Wilfrid Laurier campus was truly blessed this past Tuesday night with a visit from television foodie, model and delectable dish himself, Antoni Porowski. On Nov. 19, the Students’ Union hosted, “An Evening with Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski” in Laz 1001 that was open to Laurier and non-Laurier students. Falling in line with the Students’ Union’s promotional campaign, #SUdoesThat, to […]

by Emily Waitson· · Arts and Life, Events ·
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El Camino is a successful extension of the Breaking Bad franchise

This article contains spoilers for Breaking Bad and El Camino I firmly believe that Breaking Bad ended on an incredible — if not perfect — note. Jesse Pinkman, the emotionally damaged little criminal with a heart stronger than any of the bullshit he was put through finally escaping and driving off with nothing but presumed freedom ahead of him? Yeah, […]

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Editors Note: Treating yourself with kindness

Editors Note: Treating yourself with kindness

As we approach the fall Reading Week, I’ve been starting to think more and more about the ways that I can begin cramming as many productive hours and simultaneous chunks of relaxation time into my schedule as humanly possible. I’m the kind of person who can’t stand the possibility of “wasting” my precious week off from my full course load […]

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