“I Think You Should Leave” – Season 3 Review

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What happens when your plan for free food backfires? What about when you’re forced to leave your zipline? Season three of Netflix’s “I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson” explores these questions with unexpected answers.

“I Think You Should Leave” is a sketch comedy series focusing on cringe humour and what happens when everyday situations meet strange characters. With the writing skills of Zach Kanin, Tim Robinson with The Lonely Island on board as producers and Tim Robinson as the star in most of the sketches, the show holds a stacked team.

Tim Robinson got his start in comedy through improv classes at Second City Detroit, and later toured with Second City before joining the cast of Saturday Night Live. Following a difficult first season, Robinson switched to the show’s writing team where he hit his stride and set up a career as a writer.

After co-creating and co-starring in Detroiters alongside frequent “I Think You Should Leave” guest star Sam Richardson, Robinson got the sketch comedy greenlit in 2018 and released its first season on Netflix in 2019.

Fans of the show find themselves engrossed by Robinson’s strange sense of humour and absurd characters. From Ebenezer Scrooge thrown into a futuristic war to a professor who has a difficult time sharing food, Robinson finds niche comedy in the mundane.

The show’s third season, which was released at the end of May, fits clearly into Robinson’s style. Featuring guest stars such as Fred Armisen, Ayo Edebiri, Tim Heidecker, Jason Schwartzman, Patti Harrison (and many more), season three carries on the trend of making people laugh without knowing for sure why they find it so funny.

While highlighting the show’s strengths, I have to admit that the show isn’t for everybody. Those who aren’t fans of cringe humour might find that the show doesn’t meet their expectations. Further, many fans of the show have gone through the same hard process of trying to get their friends to watch it.

Even if the show isn’t for you, it’s still worth checking out. Ask someone you know who watches the show and they’ll recommend the best moments to get you started (probably the ghost tour sketch). Personally, I recommend starting with season two. It has the strongest sketches, and even with season three’s release it stands out as the show’s best season.

Next time you can’t figure out what to watch on Netflix, grab your shirt brother, don’t skip lunch, and check out season three of “I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson”.

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