What to expect from season 5 of Big Mouth

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“We really put these children through the ringer.” 

That line is said by the Shame Wizard, a character voiced by David Thewlis in the Netflix animated series Big Mouth Season 5 trailer — and it couldn’t be more true. 

Created by Nick Kroll, Jennifer Flackett, Andrew Goldberg and Mark Levin, Big Mouth has become one of Netflix’s most popular shows. Its depictions of characters in classic puberty challenges will make viewers laugh — and cringe — at the accuracy of those infamous middle school years. 

With a Nov. 5 release date, the new season will contain 10 episodes. It’s expected to cover similar topics as previous seasons with more nuance. Here are three things to expect from season 5 of the well-known show. 

Love bugs and hate worms 

In the form of love bugs that twirl with characters and hate worms that slither into their souls, the new season will personify two of the strongest emotions that rule us. 

Nick, one of the show’s main characters voiced by Nick Kroll, gets a love bug who encourages him to act on his crush for Jessi Glaser (Jessi Klein), who is busy with her newfound feelings for Ali (Ali Wong). When Jessi doesn’t reciprocate Nick’s interest, he meets the hate worm — and all hell breaks loose.

Meanwhile, main cast member Missy (newly voiced by Ayo Edebiri) starts an affinity group that Jessi and Ali co-opt, which brings her own visit from the hate worm. 

Political angle

Big Mouth has covered topics such as toxic masculinity in previous seasons, and the upcoming one will show more character development. It’ll “explore a little bit more about kids advocating and becoming political,” according to Mark Levin. 

The writers discussed a range of topics from revenge porn to female friendship, although it’s unclear which made the final cut. Either way, we’ll see the main cast change for better or for worse when they encounter these topics. 

Christmas special 

After having made Valentine’s Day and Halloween specials, Big Mouth will be giving us a Christmas themed episode. The season 5 trailer teases a stop-motion special complete with puppets of the main cast and dirty jokes about Santa. 

It looks like a promising season with the usual rowdy, topical, and gross Big Mouth charm. That said, we won’t know whether reality will live up to anticipation- that is, not until November 5th.

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