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Golden Hawks narrowly defeat Guelph Gryphons

Nakas Onyeka of the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks was here through the worst of Laurier Football. In his rookie year, the linebacker played for the Hawks in head coach Michael Faulds’ first year as Laurier’s coach, where they finished the season with a handful of close games and a 1-7 record. Flash forward three years and the roles are reversed—the […]

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Clown craze continues in K-W region

The “creepy clown” fad has moved north from the United States, as sightings of people dressed up as clowns with the purpose to scare have been reported in Kitchener-Waterloo. Sightings have been reported in Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo. The reports have described the multiple “clowns” as either standing motionless, or chasing people. There have been no reports of clowns holding […]

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Laurier welcomes 4,000 new students

Laurier welcomes 4,000 new students

Wilfrid Laurier University’s Waterloo campus is set to welcome a new cohort of first-year students, come September.Opening ceremonies for Orientation Week will be held on September 5, in the evening, allowing time for students moving-in that day to unpack and familiarise themselves with their floors, before launching into O-Week activities.First-years will begin the following Tuesday with student success sessions, aimed […]

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Investing in back to school essentials

There’s no doubt that back-to-school sales are tempting to the best of us frugal shoppers, and it’s pretty hard to separate the junk from the jewels. What’s worth the splurge? What are the things that a university student should not live without? Protective Laptop Case From the group chat for planning Phil’s nights, to handing in assignments on MyLearningSpace, your […]

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Update on LRT construction

Throughout the past year, the LRT construction has progressed steadily in Waterloo. The overall Ion Construction in Ontario includes installing 45 kilometres of new underground pipe, followed by the installation of approximately 36,000 metres of LRT track and 56,000 square metres of new sidewalk. Specifically, in uptown Waterloo, there is work being done in four key areas, as explained Melissa […]

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What your favourite K-W bar says about you

Phil’sIf you got Phil’s then you’re cheap and dirty, my friend, but that’s okay because that just means you know how to party. School gets expensive, so those generously affordable shots are perfect for you. Your ideal night is sloppy, silly and probably ends with several bouncers shoving you out the door. If you aren’t drenched in other people’s liquor […]

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Abe Erb to open second location in K-W

Two years ago, Rob Theodosiou opened the doors to Abe Erb, a brewpub in uptown Waterloo and almost instantly, the new venue seemed like a hit among both students and residents of Waterloo. Theodosiou was not new to the restaurant business upon opening Abe Erb, as he also runs Cora’s in uptown. Within a relatively small space, Abe Erb is […]

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K-W’s newest Sushi restaurant a promising option for students

If you’re a foodie, you’ve probably wandered deep outside the limits of the Waterloo bubble and into Cambridge for this hot bite: sushi burritos and bowls. You heard that right and they are coming full force with two new locations. Owner and operator Aaron Moir, along with his wife, are bringing Hungry Ninja out to both Waterloo and Guelph this […]

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University: An investment in the power of ideas

Philosopher Alfred North Whitehead wrote in his book, The Aims of Education, “. . . and the gift which the university has to offer all students is the very old one of imagination.” Yet, I do wonder occasionally whether or not formal education just might have the opposite effect, namely a stunting of the precious imagination. Consider for a moment […]

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