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Editor’s Note: Peer pressure in post-secondary

Editor’s Note: Peer pressure in post-secondary

I have never been to Phil’s. Not hating — my brother went there a few times and my father did before him — just stating facts. It has become apparent that I might historically be the only Editor-in-Chief at this newspaper that never made a point of popping by there at least once. On that same note, my university experience […]

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Unsigned: Being young doesn’t provide alcohol immunity

In the university culture, drinking is an accepted reality of our lives. A large number of students binge drink and it’s seen as acceptable for students to head to the bar every weekend. There’s a social aspect to drinking and alcohol is closely associated with sex. It seems that when students abstain from alcohol consumption, everyone gets uncomfortable. We feel […]

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Brock Turner and his father’s pathetic plea

Brock Turner and his father’s pathetic plea

Last week, social media seemed to explode with those eager to voice their opinions about the Stanford sexual assault case. For those unfamiliar with the story, Brock Turner, a former 20-year-old student at Stanford University, was found guilty last March for three counts of sexually assaulting a woman in January 2015. Two weeks ago, Judge Aaron Persky sentenced Turner to […]

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Drunk on sobriety

A horror story about entering a club completely sober

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