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Seven days of Soylent

What is it? Soylent is an all-in-one food replacement drink. Not meal replacement, but a food replacement. Creator Rob Rhinehart promises it contains all the essential nutrients the body needs to keep going. He argued that it doesn’t contain the fruits and vegetables we need, but vitamins and minerals. We don’t need bread — we need carbs. We don’t need […]

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One week eating cheap in Waterloo

One week eating cheap in Waterloo

Features Editor Bethany Bowles compiled a list of all the weekly restaurant specials you should know about in Kitchener-Waterloo

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Just a total Sausagefest

On October 17, the City of Waterloo hosted the first-ever Sausagefest in Waterloo Public Square. Sausagefest is a festival aimed at celebrating the prolific meat cylinder and local craft beer while bringing the community together one last time before the end of Oktoberfest. Tracy Suerich, a festival and events specialist for the City of Waterloo, emphasized that the festival was […]

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Be yourself at THEMUSEUM’s ‘B’

Be yourself at THEMUSEUM’s ‘B’

THEMUSEUM’s ‘B’ will feature 10 craft beers, live music and curiosity cabinets

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The cost of caffeine

Whether it be through pills, bags or that heavenly ground powder, we all have our own way to get a fix. You can find it in the rainforests of Colombia or synthesized in a sterile lab. Go a day without it, and the symptoms of withdrawal will slowly envelope your life. Caffeine is one hell of a drug. Premium Lattes […]

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Getting to know your local restaurants

Features Editor Alanna Fairey sought out the best local restaurants in the Waterloo area

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