Comparing popular burrito places around Laurier

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Ever since arriving at university, I have fallen in love with the epic creation that is the burrito.

So, when my girlfriend – who happens to be an editor at The Cord – suggested I try and find the best one in Waterloo, I didn’t just agree – I enthusiastically took it on as a challenge.

To do this, I decided to use the places closest to campus with the exact same type of burrito at each location. Then I decided to judge these based-on price, quality of the ingredients, overall taste and, possibly the most important; whether they charge for guacamole.

Out of the five places on my list, the most disappointing, was Mucho Burrito. After ordering the small chicken, I was disappointed with every aspect of this burrito. At $8.98, it was cheaper compared to the others, however guacamole was an extra $1 making it the second most expensive on the list. Yet, it contained the least flavour impact which they attempted to make up for simply by drowning it in sauce. I would give it a rating of one out of five avocados.

The next place I was truly saddened by was Burrito Boyz. My past favourite didn’t bring its best this time around. Ringing in at $9.23, with the $0.87 charge for Guacamole, all I can say is spice. To be fair – for every burrito – I got the hottest option available; every single other burrito I got proved itself with an enhanced flavour experience. Spice is supposed to add to the overall flavour of the ingredients. With Burrito Boyz, I could only taste the hot sauce, taking away from the other ingredients. Also if you don’t like spicy, this burrito is not for you. As such, it gets a two out of five avocados.


In third place is Freshii. This burrito is the most expensive at $11.30 with added chicken, however they include avocado in every single one. The difference between this option and the others on this list however is the criteria f

or grading. Freshii is known for healthy eating and nutrition, as such their burritos follow a similar pattern. They include a heavy focus on vegetables with less sauce and are less grilled than the other restaurants. After finishing this I didn’t get the “wow I regretted that” feeling you get when getting a 2 a.m. Big Mac. As such they get a four out of five – gains bro – for health, but three out of five avocados for being a good burrito.

The second best place is Fat Bastard Burritos. The two downsides about this burrito location are the longer wait times and the fact that the rice tasted like it wasn’t as fresh as it could have been. Totaling $8.69 it is one of the best prices for quantity options on the list and comes with guacamole. One positive difference that they have is the fact that there are three different carbs available with the options to get noodles, rice and beans. This allows for a truly interesting burrito experience. This, combined with fresh, quality vegetables makes for one nice tasting burrito, baby! Four out of five avocados.

The best place on this list – which really blew my socks off – was Holy Guacamole.  I didn’t even know about this place until Sept. 1 and I must say I’m terribly sad I didn’t find it sooner. At $8.80 with guacamole it is one of the most affordable places. Spice-wise, everyone can enjoy this location, as they have varying levels. The real winner from this burrito is that each bite was a flavour explosion, allowing each one of the ingredients to shine! With the other burritos in this list you had to pick and choose what flavours you wanted in each bite as the flavour distributions weren’t typically even. Holy Guacamole really delivers, as every bite allows for the full flavour experience. Four-and-a-half out of five avocados.

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