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Photo by Yitian Cai

What Freshii’s declining sales means for the healthy fast food industry

Freshii, the Canadian fresh food establishment that serves a variety of healthy meal options, has suffered declining sales in recent years. The CEO is trying to combat these declining numbers by scaling back a number of their formerly planned ventures — but the question remains, can a restaurant like Freshii stay afloat with their current prices? Unlike other fast food […]

by Emily Waitson· · Arts and Life ·
Photo by Nicole Grossman

Breaking down the best smoothies in the KW region

Over the past few years, I’ve grown to love smoothies. I don’t really mind making them for myself if I need to, but when it comes to purchasing my own, it’s best to find the one that’s worth it in terms of taste and price.  Smoothies can be expensive depending on where you buy them from, so after a lot […]

by Emily Waitson· · Arts and Life ·