For your consideration: Breakfast Sandwiches

One of my favourite ways to start the day is with a breakfast sandwich. It’s quick, easy and relatively healthy. However, with so many various places buy one, it can be hard to decide which you want. To make sure you can avoid the trouble, I have taste-tested five different sausage and egg breakfast sandwiches for you! 


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Tim Hortons

Timmies’ sausage and egg breakfast sandwich is a good option. For $3.29 plus tax, you can choose between a biscuit or English muffin to have your sandwich on. It is one of the cheaper sandwiches and has the benefit of all the items being pre-cooked and kept in a warmer. However, the taste is on the lower end of the scale. 


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The Starbucks sausage and egg breakfast sandwich is high in taste, but also high in cost. At $4.25 plus tax for the sandwich, it is the most expensive sandwich on this list. It has the disadvantage of being pre-cooked, kept in a fridge and microwaved upon ordering as well, which means that your favourite kind can be sold out before you arrive. It also means that your cheese isn’t melted from the heat of the other items, and instead, from the microwave. Also, because they are pre-made, you don’t get to choose which bun, meat, egg, or cheese comes on your sandwich. The sausage is okay in flavour, but could be better. 


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Like Timmies’, the items are pre-made, kept in a warmer, and assembled upon ordering. It is $3.59 plus tax for the sandwich, and isn’t as substantial as the Tim Hortons sandwich. I also frequently find that the English muffin they come on is burnt, which isn’t nice. To avoid that, you can simply order your sandwich on an untoasted English muffin. The sausage on the McDonald’s sandwich is the most flavourful out of all of them.


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The A&W breakfast sandwich has one bonus the other sandwiches do not: you can order it on a burger bun. It is larger than the McDonald’s sandwich and costs $3.50 plus tax. A&W cook and assemble everything upon ordering, so it might take a few extra minutes, but it means you have the benefit of knowing that it is freshly cooked. The sausage on A&W’s breakfast sandwich is similar to McDonald’s in flavour, just not quite as tasty.


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Last but not least, the DIY sandwich. It involves more work and time, but has so many benefits. Buying everything in bulk means you get more bang for your buck and you know exactly which ingredients are going in your breakfast. Zehrs click and collect prices for the ingredients – as of Nov. 6, 2017 – are as follows: $5.49 for 6 sausage rounds, $2.99 for 6 English muffins, $2.99 for 12 cheese slices, and $5.49 for 18 eggs. That equals about $1.98 per breakfast sandwich. 

The DIY sandwich is a much cheaper option than all the others, plus you have the added bonus of being able to make 6 sandwiches from one shopping trip. However, the fast food options are endless and flavourful. When in a rush, any of the above sandwiches are good options, depending on what you want in a breakfast, however my favourite remains A&W. It’s a bit further from the campus, but worth it to me. 

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