The best wings of Waterloo

Photo by Luke Sarazin

For those of you who know me personally, you will be able to confirm that one of my favourite food groups is chicken wings.

Not just any ol’ chicken wing either. They have to be saucy, crispy, and all flats please!

Chicken wings can be a highly controversial and heated topic for those who consider themselves fanatics. Seeing how I like to identify as a chicken wing snob, I have taken on the arduous task of sampling wings across town in search of the best wing deal Waterloo has to offer.

Inevitable stomach aches – and additional body fat – aside, here’s the round-up of the best wing deals around town. Competition was fierce, but these five wing joints distinguished themselves on price, taste, meat quality and atmosphere.

Morty’s – Monday & Thursday

This pub is nearly bursting at the seams on wing night. With two nights, a dozen sauces and a breaded or unbreaded option – they couldn’t have been speaking my language more.

Plus, at eight dollars a pound and add some libations, you’re looking at a 15 dollar bill. Not bad!

The verdict however: not worth the raves.

Big-not-huge, somewhat crispy and slacking on the sauce, the six wings I received could have been better, admittedly. The atmosphere is that of any sports-bar, but at least the service was top-notch. I mean, those wings came out nearly minutes after ordering.

Wilf’s – Thursday

Outstanding wings await, these bad boys are meaty, saucy and big, accompanied by a nice medium sauce.

There’s nearly 20 sauces to choose from – medium is my favourite. Fire and Ice never disappoints either

The price is reasonable at nine dollars and fifty cents for ten wings, but add some brews and you are looking at a steep check. This place also gets slammed on wing night so be sure to arrive early!

Abe Erb – Wednesday

I have been a devoted Abe Erb wing-night goer since moving to the city. Crispy, loaded with sauce and delicious meat, they surely are addictive wings.

Not only that, they have a nice relaxed atmosphere. As for sauces, they don’t give you much to choose from other than their few “hipster” offerings. I typically order their Sriracha honey sauce but opted for the Frank’s and blue cheese this time.

If you can handle the smell of blue cheese, then this one is definitely a nice surprise. Shockingly enough, this was the only pub that did not skimp out on the side of veggies.

Thank you Abe Erb for not cheating me of the four carrot and celery sticks I so rightfully deserve with my wings. There’s just one caveat: it’s 18 dollars for a pound and a pint. Their house-made beers make it worth it, but if you’re looking for dirt cheap wings, look elsewhere.


 Molly Bloom’s – Tuesday

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting much from this pub chain. But the honorable mention award goes to Molly Bloom’s!

No pub offers you wings this crispy and succulent at rock bottom prices. That’s right, six dollars per pound! Their wings are nothing if straightforward – bathed in Sweet Chili Thai sauce and the meat, though ample, isn’t as abundant as at other spots. The service could have been better, but nevertheless the wings were damn delicious.


Stark & Perri – Monday

A pint, pound and a side of fries: ten dollars. By far the best deal in Waterloo. I got the medium wings which were generously fried to a crunch, then slathered even more generously with enough sauce to add to follow-up bites.

Complete with a perfect atmosphere to catch the game or to chill on the patio with friends, this spot is a go-to for wing nights.

With so many wing places to choose from, you’ll surely decide this list is “invalid” once you discover that your favourite place isn’t mentioned. But I like to think there is no such thing as “the best wings.” Great wings satisfy the hearts, stomachs and – hopefully – the pockets of the people devouring them, whether they are drenched in sauce, spicy, smoky or have a dry-rub.

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