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The Button Factory hosts community folktales, anecdotes and music

Presented by the Baden Storytellers’ Guild, Stories Aloud is an event hosted at Button Factory Arts the second Friday of every month from Sept until June. These nights are intended to showcase the medium of traditional oral storytelling, encouraging audience members to participate and share their own tales if they feel inspired to do so. The atmosphere at Button Factory is warm […]

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Gorillaz politically charged perspective offers little hope for the future

With a single musician and a single cartoonist making up the core of the group, a Gorillaz album is an odd cultural product that works not just as music, but also as a commentary on the state of the industry. There has been something special about this digitally crafted, hip-hop/rock ensemble from the beginning. The breadth of space between their […]

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Ever After Festival plans to continue to serve as Ontario’s staple EDM Festival

As a recent convertee into the world of EDM, I was a bit apprehensive in embracing the genre of music for whatever inner battle I’m having with self-actualization. After writing it off completely alongside country music, I’ve dipped my toes into the likes of DVBBs and DJ Snake, the equivalent of listening to Drake as an intro to rap music […]

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Instagram model, Cameron McElroy, moving on from the fitness industry

Being an Instagram aficionado is what’s on the mind of almost everyone our age. Every party and event we go to is a dud, if we didn’t get a good picture to capture the moment and share with all of our friends. It has become an obsessive online reflection of ourselves, one which we routinely tweak and perfect to garner […]

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Nude photography tips that will save your behind

Nude photography tips that will save your behind

Nude photography is one of the most beautiful and expressive forms of visual media — when done tastefully. My journey with shooting nudes began over three years ago. I started small with a friend who wanted to gift her boyfriend with a scandy calendar. We rented out a hotel room for four hours and went to town. From there, I’ve […]

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