1. I don’t understand how the Cord would write, edit and eventually print such a dissapointing article. This guy decided that it fails because HE doesn’t like the style of musical theatre and HE didn’t like the writing (the play wasn’t even written by students!). Yet eventually conceeds that others looked like they enjoyed it, just not him. Why couldn’t one of those people write this article? I came to Laurier because I was told that there was a great community here…but seeing this, someone who just wants to complain instead of celebrating the successes of this “small scale/low budget” production. Let’s try to lift each other up, or at the very least not tear eachother down.

  2. This article is disappointing.

    There is a simple solution to the negativity and obnoxious criticism in this article: if you don’t like musicals, don’t go to a musical and review it. Reviewing of shows of any kind requires that the reviewer be simultaneously as unbiased and knowledgeable about the art form as possible. This article said a lot about what the author hated about the genre itself, and very little about the performance of the cast itself. If there is no way you will be able to give as unbiased a review as possible of a production because you loathe the genre, then don’t. It’s insulting to the cast, crew, and all those involved in the production.

    P.S. “Annunciation” refers to the angel Gabriel announcing the Incarnation to Mary (http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/annunciation). Unless there is a Magnificat section in the middle of this musical, then I think you meant “enunciate”. Actors and singers are required to have particularly excellent diction in musical theatre so the audience can understand what they are saying/singing. I don’t believe the Virgin Mary is in 9 to 5.

  3. It’s a bit of a cheap shot to come down on a musical theater production for being “low-budget” when it’s produced and run by university students. They’re likely working with in-house props and costumes, and nobody is getting paid.
    Your article doesn’t tell me much about the show; it tells me that you’re a bit of a jerk that doesn’t like musicals.

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