What does the AC offer students?

Graphic by Jamie Mere

Laurier’s athletic complex is a space available for all students to use as included in their fees is access to the gym space. While many students may find lifting free weights intimidating, or the gym busy at times, Laurier offers many programs to help students find their place in a healthy, active community.

Through intramurals, group exercise, dance classes, rock climbing, personal training, aquatics as well as club and varsity sports, the goal of its this programming is to be as inclusive as possible for each Laurier student’s schedule and lifestyle.

“We try to provide a variety of programming so we can hopefully reach everyone’s interests.Although the programming comes at an additional cost it is a great way to get involved, makenew friends, and potentially discover a fitness community all while helping to take care of one’s overall well-being,” said Stefanie Kubacki, coordinator for intramurals and instructional programs for Laurier athletics.

Intramural offerings at Laurier include soccer, basketball, hockey, volleyball, flag football, wallyball, water polo, badminton, dodgeball, ball hockey, cricket, ultimate frisbee, squash and table tennis, with many variations and leagues within those sports.

Laurier’s dance classes also offer different styles of dance like jazz, contemporary, ballet, lyrical, hip-hop, Latin, burlesque and tap among others, with beginner, intermediate and advanced styles of each class.

The group exercise program offers a one-time purchase or pay-per-class purchase option, including programming like HIIT classes, a “bootylicious” class focused on lower leg muscles,GSRBHC, meaning “gun show, rock bottom, hard core” which focuses on a full body workout, cardio kickboxing and others.

“The whole healthy living, wellness aspect of recreation covers so many different parts of wellness, not even just the workout portion of the programming but also it got me more comfortable being at the gym because I knew more people.,Iit made the whole fitness experience at university–especially with my schedule–it’s convenient to pop into a class you know is there,” said Elora Austrup, group exercise coordinator for Laurier athletics.

“My advice is to just go to a class, even alone, because nine times out of 10 you are going to meet other people there, our instructors are so welcoming, it’s not supposed to be intense training;,it’s supposed to be fun, but also uplifting and empowering for all levels of fitness whether you are a beginner or an expert.”

Laurier’s pool, used for innertube water polo, is also used for aquafit, lane swims and lifeguarding courses for students who are looking to get fitness into their lives in a different way

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