Unsigned: Student Rights Advisory Committee is an essential resource

With yet another apartment building failing to live up to their lease agreements, the Student Rights Advisory Committee at Wilfrid Laurier University is again publicizing that they can help you find that perfect lease.

Legal information can be hard, especially as we are pressured to sign leases so quickly. The committee is attempting to make this a little easier for Laurier students.

The majority of The Cord’s Editorial Board has had at least one less-than-pleasurable experience with the student housing in Waterloo.

The only rights you have are the ones you know about.

For most of us, this is our first time in a lease and we are easy to manipulate simply because we’re unaware.

Students are treated very differently to other demographics when we’re leasing houses and apartments. Aspects that would be unacceptable for a family of four, such as a building not being completed to code or schedule, missing an oven, or even damaging personal belongings, are seen as commonplace to students.

This isn’t acceptable. This mentality is what the Student Rights Advisory Committee is attempting to change and protect you against.

At the provincial level, people may not understand how different students are treated, but the Student Rights Advisory Committee is designed specifically to protect our students.

They’re approachable, accessible and knowledgeable—they’re our peers.

If you don’t stand up for yourself, you will get taken advantage of.

Learn your rights, take your time, and don’t be afraid to go to the Student Rights Advisory Committee about anything questionable in your lease.

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