Tips for staying healthy this summer


A new beginning seems to transpire with the emergence of the summer months. Longer days and warmer nights, initiate the golden season to simply slow down and forgo the hectic student lifestyle.  

However, that is not to say the warm season is a breeze for us hustling university kids. Between full- time summer jobs, afternoons with friends and weekends spent outside, summertime can bring a high level of fatigue.  

Personally, I find there are certain concepts you need to “get” in order to establish a (somewhat) healthy lifestyle.  

 Get dirty  

I mean this in literal terms, many winter hermits (myself included) suffer a severe lack of exposure to the outside for consecutive months. Summer offers a chance to make up for lost time. Just by taking off your shoes and walking around barefoot you can open up numerous health benefits for your body. Health experts claim that even exposure to dirt helps to build a strong immune system and prevent skin inflammation which is important to note for bee stings this year.  

Get drinking your H20 

Hydration is the key to prevent yourself from falling into a slump during the “dog days. Chronic fatigue is the main symptom of dehydration, so in order to stay motivated this season, it would be wise to keep a water bottle on hand. Nutritionists recommend that you consume around 8 glasses of water a day. If you are someone who does not favour the bland taste of water, even consuming fruits and vegetables with a high amount of water in them like cucumber or watermelon can do wonders.  

Get on your sunblock 

We all know that sunblock is tremendous for preserving your skins well- being. That being said it can be tempting to pass on dermatologist recommended 30+ SPF applied every two hours. If that is your choice, it is still smart to invest in having sunblock on hand. Personally, I have the habit of trying to be covered for at least the hours between 10 am to 4 pm when UV rays are the strongest.  

 Get on a schedule

Although it is summer vacation, most of us overachieving university kids are going to still have demanding summer jobs. Staying organized by means of following a planner, or creating weekly to-do lists can make your summer more productive. When you are working to achieve the end of August goalsyou will not be wasting the summer away. 

Get on a podcast or audiobook 

Podcasts are great to keep cognitive momentum after school is over. Aeasy listen to keep up with current events or avoid boredom on long drives. Some highly recommended topics to check out are addictive true crime, or comedy themed podcasts 

Get in the lake

While doing research into the benefits of swimming in fresh water, I have concluded that my mothers threat to “go soak my head in the lake” may actually be more positive than she intended. Turns out that submergence in water can bring an immense feeling of calmness to your body. Researchers in the Journal of Physiology has found that floating or simply relaxing in water can help to relieve symptoms related to chronic stress.  

 Get some solitude with your environment 

Trying out nature-based activities like yoga in the park, or hiking trails with your dog will allow you to unplug and have an adventure without even leaving your hometown. Taking time out of your week to find solitude in nature can give you a different perspective on your internal issues and lead to a healthier soul.  

Get your friends out of their comfort zone  

While finding personal time to prioritize your goals this summer is of utmost importance, it is still vitally beneficial to have some fun! Planning a couple of group trips or making a summer bucket list will help you make the most of your vacation. If full-fledged adventure is not in your means even planning a day in the week to meet for wing night, or (if you are like my friends) hosting a “Monday night bachelorette viewing party” is something to look forward to.  

 Get out of the heat  

The final tip is something I might not even follow. After enduring one of the longest and coldest Winter this year, we Canadians deserve to embrace the sunshine and bright weather.  

After all summer is short and will be over soon enough, hopefully, these tips can help you get the most out of this golden season because before you know it the leaves will be falling from the trees and summer will be ending again.  

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