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Preventative measures put in place against Ezra Avenue street parties

Preventative measures put in place against Ezra Avenue street parties

After an alleged bomb threat that referred to Ezra Avenue in an online post, countless pleas over social media for students to participate in social distancing, and a letter from president and vice-chancellor, Deb MacLatchy, asking students “to do the right thing” this St. Patrick’s Day, it seems that the infamous Laurier street party may not occur this year. In […]

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Looking at how St. Patrick’s Day affects local bars in uptown Waterloo

When the smoke clears and the empty bottles and cups have been cleaned up the St. Patrick’s Day assault upon local drinking institutions comes to a conclusion for another year. But the important question remains: How do many of these bars and clubs prepare for such an overwhelmingly busy night? For some, such as Stark & Perri, Night School and […]

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Alternative tips for fun on St. Paddy’s Day that don’t involve drinking

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, which meant that it was time to dress up in every green piece of clothing you owned, suddenly become very vocal about your two per cent Irish ancestry and, most importantly, drink from dusk till dawn. It’s no surprise that Laurier students have made this event a staple of party culture, filling out […]

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Reviewing the most popular stories at Laurier and around Waterloo in 2018

Students’ Union President elected Tarique Plummer was elected as Laurier’s Students’ Union president for the 2018-19 term, claiming the position with 52.35 per cent of the vote. Despite four candidates in the running, only 22 per cent of the student body cast their vote. Plummer experienced a rocky start to the beginning of his tenure as Chair and CGO of the […]

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Tenants of The Marq petition for right to invite guests

Student tenants living at The Marq, a student housing community  operated by Centurion property and houses a large number of Wilfrid Laurier University students, started the petition due to their building implementing a new policy for only 35 guests in each building for St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Residents were initially told in February that one guest per tenant was permitted, […]

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The community weighs in on St. Patrick’s Day

Ahh mid-March! A time when the not-Irish and stressed university students come together to drink belligerently and fill the streets of Ezra. The pressure of making “Ezra great again” might be high this year due to the fear in some students instilled by Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS). There has been an increase in buzz of stricter regulations this year […]

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New bylaw gives authority to shut down street parties, including Ezra

With St. Patrick’s Day 2018 approaching, the City of Waterloo has revised two bylaws allowing officers more authority to address unsanctioned events. On March 5, 2018, the Waterloo City Council voted to revise the city’s property standards and public nuisance bylaws. New revisions to the public nuisance bylaw allow officers authority to break up gatherings that are unsanctioned. “St. Patrick’s […]

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Waterloo Regional Police aim to crack down on St. Patrick’s Day festivities

  Last week, Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS) announced their intent and goal to increase student safety this upcoming St. Patrick’s Day by cracking down on the annual street party which takes place on Ezra Street. Each year, the street part on Ezra Street continues to grow. Last year, approximately 15,000 students attended the party on St. Patrick’s Day. After […]

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Street party on Ezra Avenue costs region over $80,000

  Waterloo Regional Police Services (WRPS) has announced that Wilfrid Laurier University’s 2017 homecoming cost the Region over 80,000 dollars to implement safety measures. WRPS says the additional costs stem from additional amounts of overtime, event training and more. With street parties on Ezra Avenue becoming increasingly bigger each year on both homecoming and St. Patrick’s Day, WRPS has expressed […]

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