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University leading research in trials to cure dementia

University leading research in trials to cure dementia

Research to find a cure for dementia has begun its first stages at Wilfrid Laurier University. At the Waterloo campus, the movement disorders research and rehabilitation centre (MDRC) has been working with science facilities across the country to work towards a cure or possible mitigatory to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. “The goal of the research is to basically […]

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#BellLetsTalk about how it’s okay to not be okay

Today is Bell Let’s Talk day and I want to talk about something very important: you don’t always have to be positive and grateful. The mentality that we have to find the silver lining can be extremely harmful, especially to those of us with mental illnesses. More often than not, there are fluff articles explaining “10 easy ways to think […]

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Laurier celebrates Bell Let’s Talk week

From Jan. 23-30 on Wilfrid Laurier University’s Waterloo campus, Bridging the Gap is collaborating with to raise awareness about mental health during a week-long event called Bell Let’s Talk Week. The purpose of Bell Let’s Talk week is to raise awareness, explain campus mental health resources, host events, engage with students at their booth in the concourse as well […]

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Unsigned: Laurier’s exam de-stressors might be missing the mark

As exams draw closer and closer, Laurier is preparing for the stress that comes with them for our students. But are the precautions that are being provided for students really accessible? All of the de-stressing and mindfulness activities are great in theory. They should provide a break from the cramming to make time for ourselves. But at the end of […]

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Increasing health and wellness for Laurier students

  In preparation for exam time, a period in which many experience high-stress levels, Wilfrid Laurier University’s Centre for Student Life and Engagement, in partnership with the Accessible Learning Centre and the Student Wellness Centre, will be holding a workshop in efforts to increase health and wellness of students. The workshop —  Cultivating Calm — will be held on Dec. […]

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Social media is the new diary

Social media is the new diary

I know you’ve heard it all before: “There’s a world beyond your screen!” “Such superficiality is creating unrealistic expectations!” “We’re living in a mode of constant comparison!” “Newsfeeds are a battle zone for external validation!” “Sound the sirens! Our children are losing touch with their reality!” Sound dramatic? Maybe so. But amongst social media’s hyperactive source of surging information, despite […]

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Peer Connect Line no longer required for mental health

Peer Connect Line, a phone line service operated by the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union was meant for students suffering from any degree of mental illness to connect with someone to talk to and be provided resources for taking the next steps towards recovery.

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Letter to the Editor – Feb 2, 2016

Letter to the Editor – Feb 2, 2016

It’s Time to Talk: Graduate Student Mental Health “Grad school is HARD!” How many times have you heard this, or said it yourself, since you made the decision to come to grad school?  Or better yet, even when you started applying? Something that I continue to grapple with is the value of a university degree, how we measure student success, […]

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